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Research images: (L) Bhatia Lab: As cancer cells travel through microfluidic channels researchers study how their mitochondria, or powerhouse, fuels their movement throughout the body. (R) Hynes Lab researchers have performed systematic characterizations of the proteins in the extracellular matrix, a network that surrounds normal and tumor tissues, and contributes both structural and signaling components that cancer cells can leverage to help them survive and spread.

Ludwig Center Postdoctoral Fellowships provide full salary support that allows trainees to focus on independent investigations.


2023 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Ryuhjin Ahn (White Laboratory): “Deciphering cell-type-specific signaling by mass spectrometry-based proteomics”

Elena Cambria (Kamm Laboratory): “Deciphering the role of tumor cell mechanical memory in metastasis”

Chuyi Chen (Manalis Laboratory): “Creating a stable cross-kingdom colonic interface to study obligated anaerobes in colorectal cancer”

Keith Eidell (Hemann Laboratory): “Cytoskeletal-Mediated Resistance to CAR-T cell Treatment”

Saleh Khawaled (Yilmaz Laboratory): “Impacts of aging on intestinal cancer initiation and progression”

Jan-Georg Rosenboom (Langer Laboratory): “An intratumoral hydrogel platform that enables image-guided controlled delivery of immunotherapy drugs”

Tahoura Samad (Bhatia Laboratory): “Engineering microbially-inspired nano-antidotes to neutralize antibody-drug conjugate toxicity”

Maria Ullo (Case Laboratory): “Dissecting the Interplay between epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) spatiotemporal organization and PI3K transduction”

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2022 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Ryuhjin Ahn (White Laboratory): “Defining the role of Siglec receptors in glioblastoma”

Charles Couturier (Shalek Laboratory): “Understanding mechanisms of plasticity and state determination in glioblastoma”

Whitney Henry (Weinberg Laboratory): “Functional characterization of ether lipids in cancer progression”

Brendan Horton (Spranger Laboratory): “Uncovering the determinants of CD8+ T cell responsiveness to cancer immunotherapy”

Sasan Jalili (Irvine & Hammond Laboratories): “Sampling tissue-resident cancer vaccine responses using noninvasive microneedles”

Nicholas Lamson (Hammond Laboratory): “Chemotherapeutic delivery across the blood brain barrier and to glioma cells using nanoparticles electrostatically conjugated with dual targeting peptides”

Edward Miller (Pentelute Laboratory): “Development of next-generation platinum agents against glioblastoma”

Morgan Stilgenbauer (Koehler Laboratory): “Chemical probe discovery for ligases that govern MYC post-translational stability”

Meghan Torrence (Jacks Laboratory): “Defining the role of tertiary lymphoid structures in pancreatic cancer”

Parisa Yousefpour (Irvine Laboratory): “Self-replicating RNAs for cancer immunotherapy”

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2021 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Coralie Blacklund (Irvine Laboratory): “Unexpected mechanisms of cell penetrating peptides enhance peptide neoantigen cancer vaccine”

Jung-Kuei Chen (Yaffe Laboratory): “Improving the response of metastatic cancer to 5-fluorouracil-based therapies”

Whitney Henry (Weinberg Laboratory): “Functional characterization of ether lipids in cancer progression”

Josh Hinckley (Love Laboratory): “Deciphering lymphocyte transcriptome responses in multidimensional cell culture systems to cancer extracellular vesicles using high-resolution single-cell RNA sequencing”

Vicky Jun (Raines Laboratory): “Pills of PTEN: Traceless delivery of a tumor suppressor into the cytosol”

Bin Liu (Johnson Laboratory): “Dually targeted co-delivery of vaccines and adjuvants thorough brush polymers for cancer immunotherapy”

Edward Tan (Bhatia Laboratory): “Engineering conditional fusogenic liposomes for malignant cancer”

Lauren Zasadil (Amon Laboratory): “Immune clearance of aneuploid cells in vivo”

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2020 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Megan Burger (Jacks Laboratory): “Elucidating the role of the interferon gamma signaling in lung cancer progression and metastasis”

Jackson Halpin (Keating Laboratory): “Investigation of the design, structure and mechanism of Mena protein interaction inhibitors”

Arthur Lambert (Weinberg Laboratory): “Transcriptional control of cancer stem cells and metastasis by p63/p73”

Pedro Pozo (Lees Laboratory): “Determining the mechanisms of resistance to PRMT5i in tumors”

Xueyang Yu (Yaffe Laboratory): “Unraveling the role of MK2 in progression and metastasis of epithelial high-grade serous ovarian cancer”

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2019 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Jonathan Braverman (Yilmaz Laboratory): “Examining the role of ammonia metabolism in stem cells and metastatic colon cancer”

Brice Curtin (Koehler Laboratory): “Targeting Myc-dependent human cancers through development of next generation small molecule Max homodimer stabilizers”

Banu Eskiocak (Jacks Laboratory): “Delineating the role of natural killer cells during lung cancer progression and metastasis”

Sonia Iyer (Weinberg Laboratory): “Inherent and dynamic changes in the tumor microenvironment of high-grade serous ovarian genetic subtypes”

Xueguang Lu (Langer Laboratory): “Single injection drug delivery system for cancer therapy”

Enrico Moiso (Garg Laboratory): “Identification of rare metastatic cell states in cholangiocarcinoma and other tumors”

Alina Starchenko (Lauffenburger Laboratory): “Construction and validation of a single cell RNAseq-based metastasis fingerprint to study immune cell contributions to invasion in colorectal cancer”

Zhengpeng Wan (Kamm Laboratory): “Development of long-term physiologic metastasis models with blood and lymphatic vessels”

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2018 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Genevieve Abbruzzese (Hynes Laboratory): “Regulation of growth factors by the extracellular matrix in cancer metastasis”

Banu Eskiocak (Jacks Laboratory): “Deciphering the tumor-natural killer cell interactions during development and metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma”

Liangliang Hao (Bhatia Laboratory): “Protease-activated detection and imaging of tumor progression and metastasis”

Brendan Horton (Spranger Laboratory): “Interrogating tissue-specific immune responses against metastatic pancreatic cancer”

Augusto Tentori (Doyle Laboratory): “Quantitative, multiplex microRNA heterogeneity profiling in tumor sections using microwell arrays”

Elen Torres Mejia (Gertler Laboratory): “The role of Mena in local mRNA translation in breast cancer metastasis”

Marianna Trakala (Amon Laboratory): “Relevance of the aneuploid microenvironment in cancer progression and metastasis”

Nicholas Truex (Pentelute Laboratory): “Delivering cancer vaccines with a protective antigen delivery system”

Bert van de Kooij (Yaffe Laboratory): “Delineating the function of mitotic serine/threonine kinases in adhesion site signaling and cell migration”

Jacomina Zweemer (Lauffenburger Laboratory): “Is apoptosis-induced migration via the AXL-receptor leading to in vivo metastasis?”

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2017 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Xiaofeng Su (Amon Laboratory): “Molecular basis of karyotype evolution in Ewing sarcoma” 

Banu Eskiocak (Jacks Laboratory): “Systematic identification of NK cell-mediated immunosurveillance during development and metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma”

Nicholas Struntz (Koehler Laboratory): “Attenuating Myc-driven transcriptional programs in metastasis using small molecules” 

Maria Mihaylova (Sabatini Laboratory): “Understanding how impaired metabolism of aged intestinal stem cells may contribute to tumor formation”

Dig Bijay Mahat (Sharp Laboratory): “Understanding the mechanism of transcription read-through in cancer” 

Naniye Cetinbas (Yilmaz Laboratory): “Dissecting the role of the urea cycle in intestinal stem cell and cancer” 

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2016 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Jason Cantor (Sabatini Laboratory): “Systematic identification and evaluation of amino acid dependencies in blood cancers”

Chia-Wei Cheng (Yilmaz Laboratory): “Impact of aging on intestinal stem cell metabolism and tumorigenesis”

Pau Creixell (Yaffe Laboratory): “Comprehensive characterization of mutant subclones driving metastasis and resistance to therapy at amino-acid level resolution”

Anushka Dongre (Weinberg Laboratory): “Understanding the contribution of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) to immunosuppression in breast carcinomas”

Silvia Fenoglio (Hemann Laboratory): “Functional genomic screen to identify in vivo modulators of the metastatic process in a transplantable model of pancreatic cancer”

Madeleine Oudin (Gertler Laboratory): “Investigating the mechanisms and contribution of extracellular matrix haptotaxis vs. growth factor chemotaxis to local invasion and metastatic colonization”

Steffen Rickelt (Hynes Laboratory): “Development of diagnostic and prognostic extracellular matrix signatures for human colon carcinomas”

Nik Joshi (Jacks Laboratory): “Investigation of the mechanisms of the anti-tumor response following therapeutic T cell depletion in a model of lung adenocarcinoma”

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2015 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Jessica Ingram (Ploegh Laboratory): “Visualizing the anti-tumor immune response and tumor (micro) environment using single domain antibodies”

Vincent Guen (Lees Laboratory): “To establish the role of ciliogenesis in maintaining stemness in normal and cancer epithelial cells”

Miyeko Mana (Yilmaz Laboratory): “Mechanistic control in the mammalian stem cell niche during tumorigenesis”

Jacomina Zweemer (Lauffenburger Laboratory): “Apoptosis and AXL-mediated adaptive resistance mechanisms: Drivers of chemotherapy-induced metastasis?”

Yuxiong Feng (Gupta Laboratory): “Cell state plasticity and stress response program cooperate to drive metastasis”

Pau Creixell (Yaffe Laboratory): “Deploying deep mutational scanning by CRISPR/Cas9 and statistical coupling analysis to identify drivers of metastasis and chemotherapy resistance”

Alessandro Angelini (Wittrup Laboratory): “Development of a synergistic cancer immunotherapeutic strategy based on the co-administration of an extended serum half-life IL-2 and an engineered broad-spectrum agent targeting VEGF and multiple integrin receptors”

Nik Joshi (Jacks Laboratory): “Investigation of the mechanisms of the anti-tumor response following therapeutic T cell depletion in a model of lung adenocarcinoma”

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2014 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Alessandro Angelini (Wittrup Laboratory): “Multi-specific antibody targeting tumor-secreted pro-angiogenic CXC (ELR+) chemokines”

Guillaume Carmona (Gertler Laboratory): “Members of the Ena/VASP family of actin regulators have distinct roles in regulating membrane protrusion and breast cancer cell motility”

Yoav Shaul (Sabatini/Yaffe Laboratory): “Molecular function of the metabolic enzyme DPYD in the EMT program and metastasis”

Carsten Kroll (Imperiali Laboratory): “Tailoring bivalent ligands to address and study ErbB receptor-mediated motility and migration of tumor cells”

Mun Hwang (Yaffe Laboratory): The role of MAPKAPK2 in metastasis through the phosphorylation-dependent remodeling of actin cytoskeleton proteins”

Florian Bock (Chang Laboratory): “PARP13 regulates TRAIL signaling”

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2013 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Aaron Gajadhar (White Laboratory): “Understanding and overcoming Herceptin resistance in metastatic breast cancer using phosphoproteomic insights”

Guillaume Carmona (Gertler Laboratory): “Members of the Ena/VASP family of actin regulators have distinct roles in regulating membrane protrusion and breast cancer cell motility”

Roberta Ferretti (Lees Laboratory): “Molecular mechanisms driving Bmi1-induced melanoma metastasis”

Belinda Pinto (Orr-Weaver Laboratory): “Regulation and role of the shugoshin, Mei-S332, during chromosome segregation: Implications of cancer”

Haihui Lu (Weinberg Laboratory): “Monocytes/macrophages support metastatic breast cancer stem cells via Eph-Ephrin signaling and activation of a cytokine signaling network”

Chenxi Tian (Hynes Laboratory): “Understanding the roles of extracellular matrix proteins in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma progression”

Miri Jwa (Gertler Laboratory): “The mechanism of PARP-16 function in the unfolded protein response”

Nina Fenouille (Hemann Laboratory): “Identifying metastasis drivers in cancer using in vivo RNAi screening”

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2012 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Roberta Ferretti (Lees Laboratory): “Dissection of Bmi 1’s role in malignant melanoma onset and metastasis progression”

Guillaume Carmona (Gertler Laboratory): “Members of the Ena/VASP family of actin regulators have distinct roles in regulating membrane protrusion and breast cancer cell motility”

Sarah Kolitz (Lauffenburger Laboratory): “Investigating signaling contributions to metastatic potential via single-cell measurements of kinase activities”

Nina Fenouille (Hemann Laboratory): “Identifying metastasis drivers as drug targets in melanoma using in vivo RNAi screening”

James Van Deventer (Wittrup Laboratory): “Investigation of the functions of fibroblast activation protein-α in invasion and metastasis”

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2011 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Miri Jwa (Chang Laboratory): “Implications that the ER transmembrane protein PARP-16 increases metastatic potential via unfolded protein response (UPR) signaling”

Alexandra Naba (Hynes Laboratory): “Role of the extracellular matrix in tumor progression and metastasis formation”

Christine Chaffer (Weinberg Laboratory): “Cellular plasticity as a determinant of metastatic ability”

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2010 Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Tsukasa Shibue (Weinberg Laboratory): “Breast cancer metastasis: The role of systematic activation of immune cells by the carcinoma cells”

Trudy Oliver (Jacks Laboratory): “Investigating the role of the p53 target gene, Pidd, in chemotherapy resistance”

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