Graduate Fellows




Ludwig Center Graduate Student Fellowships offer trainees the opportunity to pursue substantial independent research projects.

2022 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Neil Dalvie (Love Laboratory): “Developing an alternative host for low-cost manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies”

Anisha Datta (Lauffenburger Laboratory): “Investigating the effect of anti-AXL treatment on cancer cell survival and recognition by macrophages”

Cameron Flower (White Laboratory): “Identifying novel treatment strategies in RTK-mutant lung cancer by characterizing adaptive signaling networks”

Ellen Kim (Birnbaum Laboratory): “Engineering lentiviruses for gene delivery to antigen-specific T cells”

Jin Yang (Hansen Laboratory): “Bottom-up dissection of 3D genome disorganization in cancer”


2021 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Yash Agarwal (Wittrup/Irvine Laboratories): “Enhancing local delivery of cancer immunotherapy with alum adjuvant”

Sachin Bhagchandani (Johnson/Irvine Laboratories): “Toward safe, systemic immunotherapies for treatment of metastatic disease: Developing dendritic cell-biased synthetic TLR7 bottlebrush prodrugs (TLR7-BPDs) with precise control over magnitude of immune stimulation”

Ishwar Kohale (White Laboratory): “Phosphoproteomic characterization of triple negative breast cancer to develop novel therapeutic strategies”

Mohammed Toure (Koehler Laboratory): “Selective degradation of cyclin-dependent Kinase 9 in metastatic cancer models”


2020 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Theresa Hwang (Keating Laboratory): “Proteomic screening to functionally differentiate and inhibit the Ena/VASP family”

Catherine Henry (Koehler Laboratory): “Targeting FOXA1 to modulate chromatin accessibility and transcriptional reprogramming in metastatic cancer”


2019 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Xin Gu (Sabatini Laboratory): “Identification and validation of SAMTOR as an S-adenosylmethionine sensor linking mTORC1 and one-carbon metabolism”

Cynthia Hajal (Kamm Laboratory): “Tumor cell extravasation in an in vitro blood-brain barrier microvascular network model”

Bashar Hamza (Manalis Laboratory): “Optofluidic platform for longitudinal and dynamic circulating tumor cell studies in mouse models of cancer”

Elaine Kuo (Lees Laboratory): “Role of BMI1 in colon tumorigenesis and metastasis”


2018 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Molly Anne Bird (Yaffe Laboratory): “The role of RNA-binding proteins in driving metastasis and their potential as therapeutic targets”

Jesse Kirkpatrick (Bhatia Laboratory): “Inhalable synthetic biomarkers for noninvasive diagnosis and monitoring of lymphangioleiomyomatosis”

Robert Wilson (Koehler Laboratory): “Chemical modulation of the oncogenic reprogramming factor LIN28B”

Connie Wu (Hammond Laboratory): “Periodic shRNA delivery systems for ovarian cancer”

Nemanja Marjanovic (Regev/Jacks Laboratory): “Longitudinal profiling of tumor evolution in NSCLC using single cell RNAseq approaches”


2017 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Vibhuti Agrawal (White Laboratory): “ERK-mediated stabilization of ZEB1 is essential for EMT”

Shelby Doyle (Koehler Laboratory): “Reprogramming the androgen receptor cistrome in prostate cancer”

Jaideep Dudani (Bhatia Laboratory): “Noninvasive prediction of aggressive prostate cancer using protease nanosensors”

Jess Hebert (Hynes Laboratory): “Determining the ECM composition of breast cancer metastatic niches”

Alba Luengo (Vander Heiden Laboratory): “Targeting metabolism of breast cancer brain metastasis”


2016 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Sumaiya Nazeen (Berger Laboratory): “Surmounting the challenges in cancer genomics through integrative computational approaches”

Andrew Warren (Bhatia Laboratory): “Improved disease diagnostics using engineered synthetic urinary biomarkers”

Eric Zhu (Wittrup Laboratory): “Induction of synergistic anti-cancer immune responses through combination immunotherapy”


2015 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Aikaterina Mantzavinou (Cima Laboratory): “A sustained-release device to treat peritoneal metastasis of ovarian cancer with combination therapy”

Ran Li (Kamm Laboratory): “In vitro study of macrophage-assisted cancer cell migration under static and interstitial flow conditions”

Alice Tzeng (Wittrup Laboratory): “Improving methods for cytokine immunotherapy of cancer”

Leah Schmidt (Jacks Laboratory): “Manipulating the interactions between natural killer cells and lung cancer: Characterizing innate roles in controlling tumor progression and uncovering therapeutic opportunities”


2014 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Bigyan Bista (Hynes Laboratory): “Investigating the roles of adhesion-GPCRs in breast cancer progression and metastasis”

Chandrani Mondal (Gertler Laboratory): “Mena-driven effects on cell morphology, motility and actin dynamics are regulated by the alternatively-included 11a sequence”


2013 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Carman Man Chung Li (Jacks Laboratory): “Dissecting the role or Tks5 in invadopodia-mediated lung adenocarcinoma metastasis”

Nathan Reticker Flynn (Bhatia Laboratory): “Engineering approaches of querying cell-ECM interactions in cancer metastasis”


2012 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Justin Lo (Bhatia Laboratory): “Development of a tumor-penetrating miRNA delivery platform for treatment of primary and metastatic non-small cell lung cancer”

Jeffery Schindler (Hynes Laboratory): “The role of FERM domain proteins in tumorigenesis and metastasis”


2011 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Luke Gilbert (Hemann Laboratory): “DNA damage mediated induction of a chemoresistant niche”

Wu Albert Cheng (Burge Laboratory): “Transcriptomic regulation in epithelial-mesenchymal transition and breast cancer metastasis: Alternative splicing, regulatory network and long non-coding RNAs”


2010 Ludwig Graduate Fellows

Timothy Peterson (Sabatini Laboratory): “Growth control by the mTOR signaling pathway”

Jason Doles (Hemann Laboratory): “Evaluation of Rev3-dependent cisplatin sensitivity using novel tumor transplantation and sequencing-based methodologies”

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