New Medium Mimics Metabolism

September 8, 2023     |   Cell Chemical Biology   |    Read more from KI News

A simple paper test could offer early cancer diagnosis

April 25, 2023     |    Nature Nanotechnology    |    Read more from MIT News


Work from the Vander Heiden lab provides a mechanistic explanation for why hypoxic cancer cells depend on imported lipids for growth.

June 23, 2022     |    Nature Metabolism     |    Read more: Columbia University Irving Medical Center, BioSpace

Congratulations to Ludwig Center members Sangeeta Bhatia and Michael Hemann on winning a 2022 Bose grant for ambitious ideas!

June 17, 2022     |     Read more: MIT News

Ludwig Center members Tyler Jacks and Stefani Spranger collaborated with their KI colleague Forest White on deciphering the immunopeptidome in vivo to reveal new tumor antigens.

June 15, 2022     |    Nature    

A new CRISPR-based map developed by the Weissman lab ties every human gene to its function.

June 9, 2022     |    Cell     |    Read more: MIT News

Congratulations to Ludwig Center member Sangeeta Bhatia who was included in Fierce Pharma's list of "Most influential people in biopharma" for her initiative to support women interested in starting their own biotech companies.

May 23, 2022

Manalis lab study finds cells take out the trash before they divide.

May 10, 2022     |    eLife

For the first time since 2019, the Ludwig Center at MIT gathered for an in-person retreat at MIT's Endicott House. Presentations and posters made for lively discussion and connection.  

May 5, 2022

Work from the Weissman and Jacks labs shows that tracing a cancer's family tree to its roots reveals how tumors grow

May 5, 2022     |    Cell     |    Read more: STAT

Congratulations to Ludwig Center member Richard Hynes for being awarded the 2022 Stephen Schwartz Award for mentoring by the North American Vascular Biology Organization

May 5, 2022  

A study from the Weinberg lab dives deeper into EMT to shed some (dimmer-switch) light on the process of metastasis

April  18, 2022     |    Nature Cell Biology     |    Read more: Whitehead Institute

Ludwig Center at MIT member Sangeeta Bhatia co-authors a review on early cancer detection

March 18, 2022     |    Science

Congratulations to Ludwig Center member Sangeeta Bhatia for making it on STAT's STATUS List of top leaders and influencers in the life sciences, for her work on creating opportunities for women in STEM

March 2022     |    STAT News 

Ludwig Center at MIT welcomes two new faculty pilot members: Drs. Francisco J. Sánchez-Rivera and Yadira Soto-Feliciano

February 1, 2022

A collaborative project of the Vander Heiden lab highlights metabolic interactions that make pancreatic tumor cells grow

January 21, 2022     |    Science Advances


In a collaboration with the Shalek lab, the Manalis lab finds that measuring cancer cell state can reveal drug susceptibility

December 9, 2021     |    Cell

A new study from the Vander Heiden lab finds cutting off cells’ supplies of lipids can slow the growth of tumors in mice

October 20, 2021     |    Nature

Manalis Lab engineers devised a way to count elusive circulating tumor cells in mice, allowing them to study the dynamics of metastasis

September 28, 2021     |    Nature Communications

Jacks Lab researchers establish that vaccinating certain proteins found on cancer cells could help to enhance the T cell response to tumors

September 16, 2021     |    Cell

Ludwig Center at MIT welcomes two new faculty members: Drs. Stefani Spranger and Jonathan Weissman

July 1, 2021

Congratulations to Ludwig Center member Matthew Vander Heiden for being selected as the new Director of MIT's Koch Institute

April 1, 2021     |    Read more: MIT NewsBoston GlobeBoston Business JournalEndpoints News

A collaboration between MIT Ludwig Center member Matt Vander Heiden and Harvard Ludwig Center member Rakesh Jain highlights the role of fatty acid synthesis in breast cancer cells that have spread to the brain, potentially leading to new treatment strategies

April 1, 2021     |     Nature Cancer      |     Read more: Mass General Press

Ludwig Center member Sangeeta Bhatia co-launches Future Founders, an initiative to increase female MIT faculty's entrepreneurship in biotech, and supports wider efforts to support women in biotech

February 24, 2021     |     Read more: Boston Globe, WGBH News

Robert Weinberg, director of the Ludwig Center at MIT, is a 2021 Japan Prize Foundation laureate in the field of Medical Science and Medicinal Science

January 29, 2021     |     Read more: Japan Prize Foundation, MIT News, KI News

Vander Heiden Lab study sheds light on the longstanding question of why cancer cells get their energy from fermentation

January 15, 2021     |    Molecular Cell 

Congratulations to the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (@Ludwig_Cancer) and its global community on 50 years of advancing life-changing science.



The Weinberg Lab has determined how mesenchymal cancer cells may resist treatment; this work may allow researchers to make once-resistant tumors respond to certain cancer therapies

December 16, 2020     |    Cancer Discovery     |     Read more: Whitehead Institute News

The Ludwig Center at MIT mourns the passing of faculty member Angelika Amon

October 29, 2020

Michael Hemann presents "New Mechanisms for Old Cancer Drugs" as part of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer seminar series

October 1, 2020

Vander Heiden Lab collaborates with Ludwig Center at Harvard

September 1, 2020     |    Cell Metabolism     |     Read more: The Harvard Gazette

Allison Lau and colleagues in the Vander Heiden Lab dissect cell type-specific metabolism in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

July 10, 2020     |     eLife     |     Read more: Science in Boston


June 1, 2020     |     Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Robert Weinberg presents "Effects of epithelial-mesenghymal polarization on carcinoma cell biology" as part of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer seminar series

May 26, 2020

Aviv Regev presents "Atlases as roadmaps to understanding tumors" as part of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer seminar series

May 7, 2020 

Angelika Amon presents "How aneuploidy causes tumorigenesis" as part of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer seminar series

April 16, 2020 

Tyler Jacks presents "Molecular dissection of tumor evolution" as part of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer seminar series

April 14, 2020 

April 1, 2020     |      Science Translational Medicine

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Colleagues from the Jacks and Vander Heiden Labs identify a new pathway for lung cancer treatment

November 6, 2019      |        Science Translational Medicine      |        Read more: NIH Director's Blog

This year's annual retreat gathers members of the Ludwig Center for another inspiring session and some group bonding

May 7, 2019 

Hynes Lab homes in on a new approach to targeting tumors and tracking their spread

May 6, 2019     |       Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Vander Heiden Lab wants to highlight the fluid that feeds tumor cells

April 16, 2019     |       eLife      |        Read more: STAT 

Manalis team technique highlights that acoustic waves can monitor stiffness of living cells

February 11, 2019     |       Nature Methods

Jacks, Manalis, and Vander Heiden teams' collaboration from microfluidics to metastasis

January 21, 2019     |       Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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Vander Heiden Lab finds that restricting a key cellular nutrient could slow tumor growth

June 28, 2018     |       Nature Cell Biology

Vander Heiden Lab discovers how pancreatic tumors lead to weight loss

June 20, 2018     |       Nature

Ludwig Center members enjoy a successful retreat at MIT's Endicott House

May 30, 2018 

Weinberg finds that perioperative NSAIDs may prevent early metastatic relapse in post-surgical breast cancer patients

April 11, 2018     |      Science Translational Medicine     |     Read more: UPIWBUR 

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September 28, 2017     |       Cancer Cell

September 19, 2017

MIT's Endicott House welcomes Ludwig Center faculty and trainees for their annual retreat

May 23, 2017 

April 10, 2017     |       Nature Biomedical Engineering

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November 22, 2016    |     Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

September 29, 2016    |    Nano Letters

August 25, 2016    |    Angewandte Chemie

June 20, 2016    |    Nature    |   Read more: Boston Magazine

SOLUTIONS with/in/sight: Masterclass with Tyler Jacks (video)

May 25, 2016   

Ludwig Center faculty and trainees enjoy this year's retreat

May 24, 2016

March 15, 2016    |    Cancer Discovery

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December 18, 2015

SOLUTIONS with/in/sight: Masterclass with Robert Weinberg (video)

November 19, 2015

May 27, 2015     |     Science Translational Medicine    |   Read more: Scientific American (Audio); Boston Globe; Science; Los Angeles Times; BBC; BetaBoston

Ludwig Center faculty and trainees gather at MIT's Endicott House for a full day retreat

May 19, 2015 

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October 22, 2014     |     Nature

March 13, 2014     |      Cell

March 11, 2014     |       eLife

January 30, 2014     |       Cell

Ludwig Cancer Research gives $90 million to MIT

January 6, 2014 

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