Graduate Fellows

Current Graduate Ludwig Fellows

Vibhuti Agrawal, "ERK mediated stabilization of ZEB1 is essential for EMT"

Shelby Doyle, "Reprogramming the Androgen Receptor Cistrome in Prostate Cancer"

Jaideep Dundani, "Noninvasive prediction of aggressive prostate cancer using protease nanosensors"

Jess Hebert, "Determining the ECM composition of breast cancer metastatic niches"

Alba Luengo, "Targeting metabolism of breast cancer brain metastasis"

Colin Fradzen, "Fluorine-Rich Peptide Macrocycles for the Delivery of Brain Tumor Therapeutics"

Gyunghoon Kang, "Structural Investigation of Human Ribonucleotide Reductase"

Amy Li, "Determining the rold of interleukin-33 receptor in controlling regulatory T cell-mediated immunosupression in a murine model of lung adenocarcinoma"

Michael Maloney, "Regulation of DNA replication by Mcm10"

Nemanjo Marjanovic, "Application of PerturbSeq to decipher regulatory networks in exhausted CD8+ cells in tumors"

Rachit Neupane, "Investigating role of epigenetic regulator, Bmi1, in maintaining stemness in cancer"

Robert Saxton, "Elucidating the mechanism of leucine sensing by the mTORC1 pathway"


Past Graduate Ludwig Fellows

David Benjamin, "Studying the late steps of the metastatic cascade using a zebrafish model of metastasis"

Eleanor Cameron, "In vivo RNAi screening reveals genetic mediators of response to dasatinib in a mouse model of Philadelphia-chromosome positie acute lymphoblastic leukemia"

Andrew Chen, "Sma molecule modulators of myc-driven transcription"

Jasmine DeCock, "Investigating the Role of Inflammation in the Re-activation of Dormant Disseminated Breast Cancer Cells"

Sara Dubbury, "Investigating the genome-wide effects of CDK12 and CDK13 transcription regulation"

Paul Fields, "Investigating how H2A.Z functions with bromodomain-containing proteins to regulate gene expression programs during lineage commitment"

Brian Fisk, "Phosphoserine mediates glycolytic control of nucleotide synthesis and proiferation vis inhibition of SHMT1"

Brian Hua, "Delineation of the regulatory mechanisms that underlie DNA replication intiation during gene amplification and underreplication"

Justin Jenson, "Identifying BH3 sequence features that promote apoptosis"

Ran Li, "In vitro study of macrophage-assisted cancer cell migration under static and interstitial flow conditions"

Aikaterina Mantzavinou, "A sustained-release device to treat peritoneal metastasis of ovarian cancer with combination therapy"

Sumaiya Nazeen, "Surmounting the challenges in cancer genomics through integrative computational approaches"

Dahlia Perez, "Interrogation of how expression of oncogenic GNAQ disrupts melanocyte biology in a zebrafish model of unveal melanoma"

Leah Schmidt, "Manipulating the interactions between natural killer cells and lung cancer: Characterizing innate roles in controlling tumor progression and uncovering therapeutic opportunities"

Jason Sheltzer, "The Effects pf Ameuploidy on Tumorigenesis"

Monica Stanciu, "Identification of genetic determinants of drug response in GBM"

Kevin Thai, "Investing role of Ago2 in tumor progression and metastasis"

Alice Tzeng, "Improving Methods for Cytokine Immunotherapy of Cancer"

Faye-Marie Vassel, "Unmasking the many faces of rev7: A multitasking translesion synthesis protein involved in modulating chemotherapeutic efficacy and beyond"

Shuyu Wang, "Mechanisms of amino acid sensing by the mTORC1 pathway and crispr/cas9 genomic sccreens to explore the crosstak between metabolites and signaling pathways"

Andrew Warren, "Improved disease diagnostics using engineered synethic urinary biomarkers"

Abraham Weintraub, “The role of 3D chromosome structure in the oncogenic gene expression program"        

Chi Zhang, "Cysteine arylation for site-specific antibody-drug conjugates"

Eric Zhu, "Induction of synergistic anti-cancer Immune responses through combination immunotherapy"