Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Current Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Allen Xiaofeng Su, Amon Laboratory
“Molecular basis of karyotyoe evolution in Ewing sarcoma” 

Banu Eskiocak, Jacks Laboratory
“Systematic identification of NK cell-mediated immunosurveillance during development and metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma”

Nicholas Struntz, Koehler Laboratory
“Attenuating Myc-Driven Transcriptional Programs in Metastasis using Small Molecules” 

Maria Mihaylova, Sabatini Laboratory
“Understanding How Impaired Metabolism of Aged Intestinal Stem Cells May Contribute to Tumor Formation” 

Dig Bijay Mahat, Sharp Laboratory
“Understanding the mechanism of transcription read-through in cancer” 

Naniye Centinbas, Yilmaz Laboratory
“Dissecting the role of the urea cycle in intestinal stem cell and cancer” 


Past Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellows

Jason Cantor, Sabatini Laboratory
“Systematic identification and evaluation of amino acid dependencies in the blood cancers”

Chia-Wei Cheng, Ylimaz Laboratory
“Impact of aging on intestinal stem cell metabolism and tumorigenesis”

Pau Creixell, Yaffe Laboratory
“Comprehensive characterization of mutant subclones driving metastasis and resistance to therapy at amino-acid level resolution”

Anushka Dongre, Weinberg Laboratory
“Understanding the contribution of the Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) to Immunosuppression in Breast Carcinomas”

Yuxiong Feng, Gupta Laboratory
“Cell state plasticity and stress response program cooperate to drive metastasis”

Silvia Fenoglio, Hemann Laboratory
“Functional genomic screen to identify in vivo modulators of the metastatic process in a transplantable model of pancreatic cancer”

Vincent Guen, Lees Laboratory
“To establish the role of ciliogenesis in maintain stemness in normal and cancer epithelial cells

Jessica Ingram, Ploegh Laboratory
“Visualizing the anti-tumor immune response and tumor (micro) environment using single domain antibodies”

Miyeko Mana, Yilmaz Laboratory
“Mechanistic control in the mammalian stem cell niche during tumorigenesis”

Madeleine Oudin, Gertler Laboratory
“Investigating the mechanisms and contribution of extracellular matrix haptotaxis vs. growth factor chemotaxis to local invasion and metastatic colonization”

Steffen Rickelt, Hynes Laboratory
“Development of diagnostic and prognostic extracellular matrix signatures for human colon carcinomas”

Jacomina Zweemer, Lauffenburger Laboratory
“Aprptosis and AXL-mediated adaptive resistance mechanisms: Drivers of chemotherapy-induced metastasis?