Pilot Projects


Angelika Amon

My laboratory studies how aneuploidy, a karyotype that deviates from the normal euploid genomic complement, contributes to tumorigenesis. We investigate how aneuploidy affects normal cell physiology and how the condition contributes to tumorigenesis with a focus on its potential role in metastasis. Our studies show that aneuploidy elicits proteotoxic, energy and metabolic stress and a systemic stress response to these stresses characterized by proliferation defects and a stress-induced gene expression signature. In our work on understanding the potential role of aneuploidy in metastasis, we use mouse models of aneuploidy to probe whether aneuploidy promotes metastasis by endowing tumor cells with phenotypic traits that could aid in the colonization and survival at distant sites.
Education: PhD University of Vienna, 1993



Piyush Gupta

In progress.